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Why online tutoring?

Set your own hours and days. You let us know when you are available for a session and we’ll find students around your schedule.

Well Paid

Earnings from £20-£100 per 2 hour session making QuidTutor us the most attractive and lucrative online tuition provider around.


Set your own hours, work around your schedule. All you need is a computer and webcam.


Change the course of someone's life – for real while adding skills to your own CV.

Make some extra cash on top of your day job

QuidTutor is the perfect opportunity to bring in some extra cash. There’s no contract so you can truly work your own schedule.


Providing you with all our support

If you thrive, we thrive, it’s that simple. So we want you to be an amazing tutor and will do everything we can to help you get there.

We focus on finding you the pupils so you can focus on what you know best, teaching.

Our learning space makes teaching feel easy and natural. And we’re always on-hand to answer your questions.

Sounds ideal, right? So here’s how to get started

It’s super simple.

  • Create an account and fill in the application

  • Sent us a 2 minute video clip of you, outlining your chosen subjects and why.

  • Complete your profile

  • Wait to hear back from one of our team with your log in details.

  • It really is that simple 😊