£1 for 2 hour Session

QuidTutor Pricing is kept as simple as possible.

There is no registration fee’s and no set fees. You simply pay as you go.

Can you guess how much it costs per session?

A quid…
That’s right. Just £1 for a 2 hour Tutoring with your Tutor broken into 2 parts.

Part 1 which lasts for 1 hour covers the topic as advertised by the Tutor.

Part 2 which lasts for 1 hour covers the Questions and Answers.

You are probably wondering how we can afford to give Tutoring away for just a quid, right?
Well, our sessions are a little different to the standard Tutoring one to one sessions.
Our Online Sessions are more of a classroom setting, where we aim to have a number of pupils sitting in on a particular topic. This means, we can offer you an affordable Tutoring session for just £1.

It also means we all learn together. Other students may have questions you didn’t think of, so be sure to stick around throughout the Q&A.